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What is DF-MOD?

Distributed Fabrication through Mass-produced Open Designs (DF-MOD) is a TUBITAK-MSCA COFUND project that aims to explore the potential of the mass production of open designs to facilitate and sustain alternative local businesses. The idea is that, through mass-producing more complex open designs (eg. electrical parts), local makers and craftsmen can start businesses at the local scale. However, such integrated scales of design and production require alternatives business models and ways of local collaboration specifically developed for it. Building a symbiotic network of local and global stakeholders to initiate distributed production can, in turn, enable local value recapture opportunities and circular economies by facilitating repair, reuse and refurbishing at the local scale. The project focuses on electrical household appliances - a product category known for comparatively shorter lifespans and users' inclination to purchase anew when the products fail or go out of fashion. While this is closely linked to their comparatively lower price point, it is also related to long repair times, inability to self-repair and inability to upgrade. The project suggests that mass-produced open designs coupled with local fabrication can enable the circular economy strategies, so long as they are supported by alternative business models that sustain them. If you are interested in learning more about the project, please visit the 'About' page.

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